Friday, May 11, 2012

School Pride


From the first minute I set foot on campus at the University of Denver, I felt like I was meant to be there.  My mom and I spent the day, going on tours, attending meetings and info sessions, interviewing, and just looking around.  By the end of the day I turned to my mom and stated simply, “Mom, I’m going to go here”.  Like falling in love, when you know, you know.  It’s been almost a year and I am still incredibly grateful to be here.  Every other day on the way to my economy class, I walk through my favorite part of campus.  The snow capped Rockies glisten behind the Harry Potter style tower of Nagel Hall. Emerald green lawns spread out before me.  The fountains burble quietly as they stream into multiple pools filled with blossoming lily pads.  I take a deep breath of fresh air and smile to myself, not caring how goofy I look to the passerby.  I belong here.
Aside from the beautiful campus, the academic programs at DU fit my need so well that they could have been created for me. DU boasts one of the best international schools in the country.  As an international studies major, a degree from the Joseph Korbel School of International Studies will mean a lot.  I plan on studying in Spain during my junior year.  The Cherington Global Scholars Program pays for students to study abroad, so the lifetime experience costs no more than normal tuition. Korbel also offers a dual degree program in which students can choose to combine undergraduate and graduate school to get a masters degree in five years.  Financial aid through the school even extends into the fifth year.
I am also a Spanish major. I tested out of the preliminary levels of Spanish (I started learning Spanish when I was seven years old) so now I get to pick and choose the classes that sound interesting to me.  Next quarter, I’m thinking of taking a Mexican film class. I also started French this year.  After three quarter I can understand almost everything the teacher says, read and write a little, and communicate effectively.  Considering I’ve never taken French before, I am amazed!  I never dreamed I’d come this far in less than a year. 
I am completely happy here.  I found great friends within the first week, classes are fun and engaging, the campus is absolutely gorgeous, there are always fun activities going on, and the food is not too shabby for cafeteria food! My only complaint is that it’s so expensive.  I often find myself wondering if I can afford to stay here all four years.  My heart aches at the thought of having to leave.  Even though it’s sucking my bank account dry, I can see that my money is being put to good use everywhere I turn.  DU is the perfect fit for me and I only hope I can find a way to pay for the time of my life I’m having here.


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